2005 European Championships - Style and Accurancy
2009 World Cup and Europaen Championships FS and AE
2010 world team trainings
2011 Vector Festival, Cypres 20th anniversary boogie
2012 FS Czech Nationals
2012 European Championships FS and AE

We look really forward to come back to Dropzone Prostejov.
We are planning you in our training calendar.
Last time we had great time over there.
We were touched by your help and hospitality on the drop zone.
Your manifest is working really flexible and outstanding.
We liked it most during the week, because in the weekend we were hampered sometimes by the Tandem-jumps.
We could jump whenever we wanted and altitude was always adapted to our needs.
You provided us with some fantastic packers.
So the overall feeling in Prostejov was fantastic. We'll certainly be back in the future!!!



Ervin De Clercq - team Hayabusa - Belgium, World Champions 2010


I have been at the World Cup - Dropzone Prostejov coaching and wanted to say thank you and well done for organizing a great meet for all the competitors. Your DZ is lovely and it was a pleasure to be part of the event.

The closing ceremony/party was also a great finish to the week of jumping. I wanted to say thank you then but you were busy with everyone wanting to talk to you!

Training: The team were all really impressed with your DZ and found all the staff very accommodating towards our needs. The pilots did a great job of listening to how we would like them to fly the plane to be in accordance with the World Meet rules. Martin was able to keep us jumping by supplying us with a camera flyer at short notice when
our's injured himself. Jakub (along with the other camera flyers)
did an awesome job filming us.

We would all come back and train at your DZ again and recommend it other flyers.

Thank you again for all your support. Thanks again for a great meet.

Amanda Kemp, team Bodyflight - UK, Silver medal in female 4-way FS 2010



Hi Prostejov.
First of all, thank you for looking after us so well last month!
The reason my team (Sinapsi) and the British girls came to Prostejov to train was that we had such a positive experience at the World Cup in 2009.
Because of the efficiency of the operation and the friendliness of the staff we knew that we could rely upon the DZ to host our training camps.
When you are spending so much effort and money to train you need to have a reliable venue. Martin and his staff gave us what we needed and still managed to keep a smile on their faces.
Thank you again for helping us with our preparation for the World Championships. I would be happy to return to Prostejov.

Pete Allumn, coach of UK female team, captain Sinapsi Italian FS team.


We had a very good time training in Prostejov - Great dropzone with great planes, cafeteria, packing area and very friendly and helpful people :-)


Trude Sviggum, team Polaris, 5th place in female 4-way FS 2010